Malaria is a serious and sometime fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes in many tropical and subtropical countries. Every year there are 250 million cases across the world and nearly 1 million deaths according to the World Health Organization

Fortunately, there are loads of precautions you can take to prevent getting bitten – just remember to be sensible and follow these simple rules:

How to avoid catching Malaria | Malaria travel advice | Fabulous travel guide

How to avoid catching Malaria | Malaria travel advice | Fabulous travel guide

1) Research where you’re travelling to

Check out Fit for Travel – a brilliant website that tells you all the health information you need to know. You can see which areas are prone to malaria and even find out what vaccinations you need.

2) Ask your doctor about antimalarial tablets

This is important if you are visiting high-risk areas, remote from medical facilities. Talk to your doctor to discuss what you need.

3)    Avoid getting bitten by covering up

Wear long sleeves and trousers when in tropical areas, such as the jungle. Investing a mosquito net is worthwhile, too.

4)   Lather yourself in insect repellent

When your skin is exposed wear insect repellent and reapply every few hours.

5)    Seek immediate medical care if you develop a fever

Malaria can develop even up to 12 months after exposure, so be aware of the symptoms.

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