Public transport can be intimidating in any new city, and Mexico City is no different. Buses are hot and stuffy; taxis are expensive and walking takes forever.

Fortunately, the metro is clean, super cheap and you only need a little Spanish to be able to navigate your way round. Follow these top tips for using the metro in Mexico City:

1) Buy your ticket at the ‘Taquilla’ (ticket office)

Look for little booths, or windows in the wall, and buy your ticket. Prices are calculated by zones, so tell them where you are travelling to. Prices start from as little as 3 pesos (25p)

2) Find out which direction you’re travelling in

Mexico City metro lines are colour-coded, so find out which one you need and the direction you’re travelling in. For example:

If you are travelling from Zocalo (blue line) to Xola (4 stops down), then the direction you’re travelling in is Tasquina (the last stop on that line).

If you are travelling from Pino Suarez (pink line) to Chapeltepec (7 stops west) then the direction you are travelling in is Observatario (the last stop on that line).

Mexico City metro map - How to use the metro - Fabulous Travel Guide


3) Follow the signs carefully

There can be quite a walk between different lines so make sure you follow the signs (colour of line and the direction you want to go in).

4) Be careful of the doors!

The metro doors only stay open a few seconds so make sure you get on quickly, and don’t get trapped in the doors. Always let people off the train first, and offer your seat to women with babies or elderly people.

5) Follow the signs for Salida

Follow the signs for Salida (exit) and go out of the turnstyles and up the stairs into the sunshine.

TOP TIP If you get lost, or you’re unsure which direction to take, don’t get panicked. Find a metro map on the wall and ask someone who works there. Don’t ask passersby who are clearly in a rush or you’ll get shouted at or ignored.

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