Planning a trip to Guatemala? Lanquin, a small village just 40km northeast of Coban, is one of the county’s best kept secrets.

Its mountainous landscape, lush green forests and rumbling rivers set it apart from the neighbouring countries in Central America. And if you’re a fan of adventure, this place has more than enough to keep you occupied…

Semec Champey, Lanquin, Guatemala - Fabulous Travel Guide

Semuc Champey, Lanquin, Guatemala

What to do

If you only do one thing in Lanquin, swim in the crystalline waters of Semuc Champey (pictured). The tumbling waterfalls, looming mountains and spectacular Cahabon River will take your breath away. Hike up El Mirador to see the 300m-long limestone bridge and emerald green pools in all their glory. It may be a fairly steep climb but the look-out point makes it all worthwhile.

If your hostel doesn’t arrange tours, there are plenty of places in town. A trip to Semuc Champey costs from 100Q (more if you include other activities) and includes entrance fee, a tour guide and transportation.


Got an afternoon to spare? Soak up the sun by going tubing on the river. You can hire tubes from most hostels for around 60Q and it takes around 2 hours to float down. Most guides will provide a waterproof bag so you can take some beers. Beware of the rocks – they can be pretty lethal.

Tubing in Lanquin, Guatemala - Fabulous Travel Guide

Tubing in Lanquin, Guatemala – Fabulous Travel Guide

Grutas de Lanquin

Looking for an adventure? Explore the cave network of Grutas de Lanquin by candlelight. Dive off rocks, climb waterfalls and squeeze through narrow passages. This excursion is sure to get the adreneline pumping  and is well worth every penny. Tours cost from 60Q (more if Semec Champey is included).

Need somewhere to stay? Try Zephyr Lodge – it’s a great little hostel overlooking the mountains.

Looking for more adventure? Caye Caulker in Belize has some of the best snorkelling in the world. Follow me on Twitter for more updates.