Planning a trip to Isla de Ometepe? Wherever you stay expect a bumpy ride. Hostels are few and far between and the roads are in a bad way. Read on to see which are the best areas and where to stay.

Santa Domingo (pictured) is about 40 minutes from Moyogalpa in a taxi. Either get a local bus (which takes around 3 hours) or take a taxi (1 hour).

Here you’ll find several hostels, a couple of restaurants and an internet café. There’s also somewhere to hire motorbikes and mopeds. TOP TIP Don’t give them your passport – pay a deposit instead. We handed our passports over and when we came back a few hours later they said they’d lost it…

Santa Cruz is a little further away, and it’s here that the roads get particularly bad. It should take around one hour in a cab. There’s not much to do here but it’s a good base if you want to climb Volcan Maderas and San Ramon waterfall.

Where to stay on Isla de Ometepe - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Volcan Maderas


If you’re looking for a sociable hostel with fantastic views of the lake, head to Caballito’s Mar‘s in Merida. This is the best place to stay if you want to hire kayaks to explore the lake. Another good option is Monkey’s Island – a great spot with on-site bar and cheap beds.

If you’re staying in Santa Cruz then Finca Magdelena is a classic backpacker spot with good a hiking trail nearby. Accommodation is pretty basic, but the views of the lake are fantastic.

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