Fancy cage diving with Great White sharks? South Africa is one of the best places in the world to see these impressive creatures in all their glory.

Divers are taken to a nature reserve near Dyer Island – famously known as Shark Alley – which protects sensitive marine life. Once the boat is anchored and the bate is thrown in, sharks as big as 13ft begin to circle the boat.

PICTURES Cage divers see their first Great White sharks - Cage diving with Great White sharks - Fabulous Travel Guide

What to expect

The cage, which holds a maximum of 5 people, floats on the surface so there’s no need for diving equipment or PADI certificates. Guides will shout when the shark’s approaching and you’ll duck under to see it swim past in all its glory.

Booking your tour

Look out for special offers and group discounts. We highly recommend White Shark Ecoventures. Not only are the guides brimming with knowledge and enthusiasm, the tour itself is well worth the 1000ZAR (£90).

A Great White shark swims up to the boat in Gansbaai, South Africa - Fabulous Travel Guide

Price includes transport to and from Cape Town, a light breakfast with tea and coffee, lunch, beers and even a whale watching stop in Hermanus on the way home. A DVD of the dive can also be purchased for 300RAZ (£28).

VIDEO: Great white shark jumping out of the water!>>