Finding cheap flights is usually the easy part when it comes to budgeting for your holiday. The key is avoiding all those hidden extras like airport transfers and bank fees.

Below is a list of 6 common charges to prepare for when planning your next adventure.

1. Airport transfers

Train, bus or car? Getting to the airport can cost a small fortune, so it’s important to pick your travel method wisely. Parking at airports is often the most convenient but also the most expensive option, running up charges of £136 for just 3 days. Public transport is usually the most affordable option – especially if you book in advance or have a railcard.

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2. Pre-booked seats

If you’re travelling in a group, paying for priority boarding can add up. Instead, try to arrive at the departure gate as early as possible so that you’ll be the first in line to request extra leg room/seats together etc.

3. Bank charges

Find out how much you’ll be charged and be clever about which card you use. If you pay with a debit card you may get stung with a loaded exchange rate, a cash withdrawal fee and interest charges, too.

If you must use a debit card, always take out the maximum amount of cash. Paying with a credit card will give you free credit, as long as you clear your balance in full and use consumer protection. Using a pre-loaded currency card will help to keep your budget in check and you may save on those airline booking charges too.

4. International calls

Keep in mind when you cross the border, by land or by sea, your mobile is using data internationally and you’re getting charged. Give your mobile service provider a call before you leave to review your terms and switch to an international plan to avoid hefty charges.

5. Travel insurance

Read the small print! Will you be covered if your flights are affected by an ash cloud? If your holiday company goes bust? Also, make sure you’re covered for everything you want to do e.g driving a moped, sky diving, abseiling, kayaking etc If not, you could end up spending thousands of pounds if something goes wrong.

6. Car rentals

Never assume that the estimated cost you’re quoted is what you’ll spend in total. So many people forget to budget for extras such as fuel, insurance, tolls, parking, and insuring an extra driver on your current plan. Decide whether the additional outlay of renting a car is affordable or necessary.

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