Looking for journalism jobs? Dream of becoming a travel writer? Follow our top tips and advice on getting your first job.

1. Get as much work experience as possible

Work experience might seem like a waste of time (it’s unpaid, your stuck on coffee duty, nobody takes any notice of you etc ) BUT it’s pretty much the only way you’ll ever get a job. Editors rarely give away internships to people without experience. The more the better.

2. Make contacts

So you’ve bagged a work experience placement. Now’s the time to work hard and get noticed! Stay late, offer to help the features desk with research, do extra work and chat to as many people as possible. Magazines and websites get hundreds of interns through the door every year, so make sure they remember you.

3. Don’t let the editor forget you

Getting a job in journalism is hard – so stay in touch with your contacts. Drop the editor a thank you message, email the features desk or befriend the editorial assistant on Facebook.

4. Get your work published

Whether it’s writing reviews for a local magazine, creating your own blog or contributing to travel forums, it’s important to get your work published. Seeing your name in print will help boost your CV.

5. Create a fabulous CV

Editors get hundreds of CVs so make yours stand out. Get creative with the design, include examples of your work or even send a video message! Remember to follow it up with a phone call if you haven’t heard back within a week.

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