Looking for the best hostel in Coffee Bay, South Africa? Coffee Shack has a feel-good vibe that attracts backpackers and surfers from all over the world.

Not only will you be given a guided tour and a welcome drink (which you MUST drink with your left hand), you’re immediately introduced to staff members and invited out to dinner with other guests. It has a lively bar, themed parties, a pool table and tonnes of freebies to keep you smiling. Basically, it’s perfect hangout for backpackers looking to make friends and have a good time.

Coffee Bay, South Africa - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel guide

One of the best things about Coffee Shack – aside from the amazing location up on the cliffs – is the array of activities to choose from. There’s a 9km trek to the Hole in the Wall, cliff jumping into the Mpuzi River and a visit to a local village.

There’s also super cheap surf lessons and regular sundowners up on the cliffs. If you like open fires, drum circles and plenty of drinking games then you’ll never want to leave.


Private bunglaows - Coffee Shack, Coffee Bay, South Africa - PICTURE

Choose from simple dorms (150ZAR); private bungalows with thatched roofs (from 240ZAR) or basic camping from 90 ZAR. Bathrooms are spotless, and there are even hairdryers for the girls! Book your stay at Coffee Shack here or get more travel advice about South Africa.

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