Going travelling for 6 months? Yes, it’s tempting to pack your whole wardrobe BUT with a little careful planning you can transform your backpack into lean, mean space-saving machine.

Here’s how to travel light – essential packing tips for girls:

  1. Buy space-saver bags

We can’t recommend this enough. Buy two or three transparent Ziploc bags (make sure they have double zips and are durable) in different sizes. One for your clothes, one for your underwear and one for beachwear. Simply roll them up and slide them into your pack.

        2. Buy a dual-purpose wash bag

Don’t buy a separate wash bag and make-up bag. You want one bag that carries all your toiletries (shampoo/conditioner), girly essentials (tampons, razor), and your make-up.

We love this one from K-Mart, Australia.Dual-purpose wash bag - Travel tips for girls - Fabulous Travel GuideIt has multiple compartments, a hook (a must for the shower room) AND it rolls up so it’s nice and compact. Done.

3. Buy ‘minis’ of everything

Don’t lug around full-size shampoo bottles. Buy minis and re-fill when needed. Buy mini nail clippers, a compact mirror, a tiny tup of moisteriser etc etc

      4. Take one razor 

Don’t buy 20 disposable razors –  invest in one good razor with blade refills.

     5. Buy 2 in 1 products

Think carefully about what you need. Use your sarong as beach towel. Buy a moisturiser with SPF. Use your shampoo as clothes detergent. Buy a pen knife that has scissors, tweezers & nail clippers. Buy a mini toothbrush with built-in toothbrush (pictured, main).

     6. Use a micro-fibre towel

Compact, fast-drying and a must if you’re short on space.

     7. Everything must match

Be strict when packing clothes. One item must match at least two others. For example, one t-shirt must go with one pair of shorts and one skirt. And remember the golden rule: if in doubt, take it out!

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