Angkor Wat is at its most beautiful at sunrise. Hundreds of tourists flock to the temples at 4.30am to catch a glimpse of the iconic Khmer complex as it turns from dusk to dawn.

The Buddist temples, masterfully built in the 12th Century, are one of the greatest sights in South East Asia, and the largest religious monument in the world.

The sun begins to rise at 5am so get there in plenty of time to bag a good spot. We recommend walking through the first set of gates and finding a little isolated spot to sit and relax.

Angkor Wat at sunsrise – exploring inside

Planning your day/itinerary

Most people recommend buying a three-day ticket ($44) which gives you plenty of time to explore the vast city of temples.

But if you’re short on time – or temples aren’t really your thing – then it is possible to do the major sites in one day.

Our recommendations

We recommend doing the larger circruit on the first day which takes up to 5 hours (depending on how much you like to explore!).

Angkor Wat map - itinerary - plan your trip

Angkor Wat map and travel itinerary. One, two or three days?

The second day you could do sunrise at Angkor Wat, the village of Angkor Thom and the infamous Tomb Raider temple (one of our faves!).

The third day could see you go further afield, perhaps ask for recommendations from your driver or hostel owner.

Tickets and costs

Tickets can be bought at the gates of Angkor Wat and all tuk tuk drivers/taxis will drop you there first.

You can book a tuk tuk driver for around $10-15 per day and he will drive you round, recommend lunch spots and take you home when the heat gets too much.

TOP TIP: Get up as early as possible to do the tour! You want to be finished and out of the blazing sun as soon as possible – preferably before 1pm.

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