The Amazon 3-day canoe trip is a MUST for travellers visiting Bolivia. If you’re into wildlife, adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences (such as swimming with pink dolphins), then look no further.

This tour can be organised at your local hostel in La Paz. Do your research before you book and not only compare prices, but also the quality of the tour.

Canoe down the Amazon - Pampas Tour Bolivia - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel GuideHighlights of the Amazon Canoe Trip

You’ll stay directly on the Amazon riverbank and explore the lowlands of the Bolivian Amazon up to Santa Rosa. Accommodation is basic – just a small bed and mosquito nets – but the views are spectacular.

Accommodation on the Amazon Basin - Pampas tour in Bolivia - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

By day you will cruise the Amazon, spotting birds, monkeys, crocodiles and tropical plants. You’ll hike through the Pampas searching for anacondas.

Anaconda hunting in the Amazon basin - Pampas tour in Bolivia - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel guide

We were lucky enough to spot one lying on the river bank, but within moments it had slithered back into the water….

Anaconda on the banks of the Amazon in Bolivia - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

One of the most exhilarating moments was swimming with pink freshwater dolphins. We were encouraged to jump into the water and wait for the dolphins to show up.  Watch video of us swimming with pink dolphins – an experience we’ll never forget!

Catching piranhas in the Amazon - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

As the day draws to a close, your guide will take you piranha fishing – a somewhat difficult skill to master. Not to mention the rickety boats that threatened to capsize at any moment.

After a quick game of volleyball and a few cold beers at Sunset Bar, you witness what is one of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever see.
Beautiful sunset - Pampas Tour, Bolivia - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

But the moment the sun is gone – get your long-sleeved tops on as mosquitoes here are a force to be reckoned with!

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