Jungle Beach Resort gets mixed reviews on Trip Advisor – and we can see why there’s some confusion.

It’s not a ‘resort’ as such, more of a laid-back hippy hangout that’s perfect for backpackers.

Bungalows are pretty basic: bamboo walls, beautiful thatched roofs with open windows (so lots of creepy crawlies), mosquito nets and okay beds. Some of the more expensive options have tiled ensuites and cold showers.

There’s also a communal dining room, ping pong table, beach loungers and wifi in the main house.

The massive draw card is the location: bungalows are framed by a dramatic backdrop of mountains and you can hear the waves crashing onto the beach from your room.

Nearby there’s a waterfall and a spectacular look-out point (pictured below). The views are amazing!

Jungle Beach look-out point - photo - Fabulous Travel Guide

Sylvio, the owner, has plans to build a beachfront bar area and several luxury bungalows with balconies facing the sea.

Prices range from 500,000-750,000 VD ($25-40 USD per person, per night) which is a little overpriced in comparison to the rest of Vietnam, but it does include breakfast, lunch and dinner (set times), plus free drinking water and fresh fruit. You also have to factor in getting to the resort, which can be a little pricey.

Jungle Beach Resort is not a honeymoon destination or hotel with hot water and fresh towels. And it’s not trying to be. It’s aimed at no-frills backpackers who want to experience a little slice of beachside paradise.

How to get to Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach Resort is north of Nha Trang, near Doc Let. It’s not the easiest place to get to, here’s some instructions on their website.

Please note, motorbike transfers to the main road cost 125,000 VD per person or 350,000 VD for a taxi.

How to book

Visit the Jungle Beach website or call 0913 429144 or
0583 622384 to make a booking and arrange transport.

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