If you’re going travelling of an extensive amount of time, chances are you’ll need medicine at some time or another.

But, with a little forward planning, you can be prepared for those dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’ moments, or more common ailments such as travel sickness, headaches and constipation.

Medicine checklist

Here’s our list of must-have medicine to buy before you fly:

Malaria tablets. Chat with your GP before you leave to determine which is the best option for you. You will be able to get malaria tablets in major cities but these can be untrustworthy.

– Antiemetic (effective against vomiting and nausea)

– Paracetemol, Ibuprofin and Asprin

– Antibiotics (prescription necessary)

– Anti-histamine/Hayfever

– Immodium (to treat diarrhea) – A MUST!

– Rehydration salts such as Gastrolyte

– Laxatives (effective for constipation)

– Colostrum tablets (take them before a meal to reduce your risk of getting sick)

– Motion sickness pills

– Altitude sickness (good for countries such as Peru and Bolivia)

– Antiseptic wipes (good for cleaning cuts and open wounds)

We also recommend buying sunscreen before you leave as it can be very hard to get and/or expensive in Asia and other countries.

Please note, all the medication above can be bought in major cities, but please be vigilant and visit reputable pharmacies.

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