Vietnam 2-week itinerary (north to south)

Vietnam is a difficult place to cover in 2 weeks simply because there are so many great places to vist.

So, to help you organise your trip, we’ve selected the best places to visit in the fasted possible time! Here’s our suggested route/itinerary for 2 weeks in Vietnam:

Day 1-2: Hanoi

Arrive in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and spend a couple of days exploring the markets, nightlife and delicious street food.

Day 2-4: Halong Bay

Organise a trip to Halong Bay. This can be organised from Hanoi and includes return transport. We highly recommend this 3 day/2 night tour>>

Day 5-7: Sapa

Return to Hanoi and get a 6-hour bus to Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam. Spend a couple of days in the Fansipan mountains with a local hill-tribe. We have an excellent recommendation for an authentic homestay>>

Day 7-8: Phong Nha

Return to Hanoi and get an overnight bus to Phong Nha and explore the world’s largest caves, Paradise Cave and Dark Cave. (2 nights/3 days).

Day 8-10: Hoi An

Get a morning bus to Hoi An, and spend a few days relaxing in this beautiful riverside town. Do a cooking course, an evening boat trip, and shop ’til you drop!

Day 10-12: Nha Trang

Overnight bus to Nha Trang and enjoy some beach time before flying back to either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

Day 13-14: Hanoi

Spend your last day buying souvenirs, trinkets and soaking up those last few drops of pho before flying home.

Lucky enough to have longer than two weeks? Hurrah! Here’s what we recommend for 4 weeks.