Got 10 days in Cambodia? We’ve put together a suggested travel itinerary that covers all the best parts of Cambodia, travelling north to south.

Days 1-3: Siem Reap

Fly into Siem Reap and spend 3 days exploring the incredible temples of Angkor Wat. If Tomb Raider-style temples are your thing, you’ll love this!

The temples of Angkor Thom, Cambodia - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Day 3-4: Phnom Penh

Bus down to Phnom Penh and spend the day doing The Killing Fields and S-21 prison. Make sure you take a tuk-tuk ride across the city! If you thought the traffic in Vietnam is crazy, you’re in for a treat. Stay overnight or get the night bus straight down to Sihanoukville.

Skulls piled high at The Killing Fields, in Cambodia

Skulls piled high at The Killing Fields

Days 4-6: Sihanoukville

Spend a night partying in town or chill at Otres Beach, a more isolated resort with cheap bungalows. Look out for the hawkers on the beach selling freshly-caught lobster!

Days 6-8: Koh Rong

Catch the early morning ferry to Koh Rong, an unspoilt paradise island and see glowing planktan, beautiful sunsets and nightly barbecues.

Koh Rong - 10-day travel tinerary - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Hammock time on Koh Rong

Days 8-9: Kampot or Kep

Adventure lovers travel to Kampot for its rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding and river cruises.

Day 10: Catch your flight

Cross the boarder into Vietnam or return to Phnom Penh for your return flight.

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