9Want to chat with other female travellers? Got a specific question about your next trip? Girls LOVE Travel is a Facebook group that connects over 19,000 women.

Girls LOVE Travel - recommended Facebook group for female travellers

The group, which was started by Haley Woods from Tennessee, is a hub of information, lively chats and interesting Q&As.

It’s somewhere to share travel stories and post your holiday snaps. It’s also home to hundreds of travel-related subjects, FAQs and events in your local area.

What we love most about this group is that it gives female backpackers a voice. And Haley does a fantastic job of keeping it a positive space and encouraging users to report spam. Go girl!

How to become a member:

Request to join the Facebook group and once you’ve been accepted you can ask questions, search existing posts and chat with thousands of like-minded girls.

Girls LOVE Travel also have an Instagram page, so follow them for inspirational photos and travel stories!