Looking for a trekking guide to take you from Inle Lake (Nyaungshwe) to Kalaw (or vice versa)? We stumbled across a local guy called Nyi Nyi, who had been recommended on Trip Advisor. He was born and raised in Nyaungshwe and has excellent English and an even better sense of humour.

Trekking to Kalaw (2 days/1 night)

The trek consists of two days hiking and an overnight stay in a local village. All food, transfers and accommodation is included (35,000 kyat per person in a group of 4).

The first day consists of an energetic 5-hour hike through bamboo forests, sugarcane fields, little pockets of sunflowers and bright red chilli plants.

Trekking Inle Lake to Kalaw - picture - Fabulous Travel Guide

The highlight of the trip, aside from the stunning landscape, was the overnight stay in town. Most people stay at the monastery but Nyi Nyi organised a cosy homestay at local restaurant.

Nyi Nyi, Inle Lake trekking guide - Myanmar - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Nyi Nyi

Better still, he borrowed their guitar and played songs around the fire as we plied him with beers and toasted new friendships and a great day’s trek.

When we looked at the other tour groups – sitting without their guides – we realised we’d stumbled onto a rare find: Nyi Nyi!

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, avocado and toast (best so far in Myanmar!), we set off on the second half of our journey through ever-changing landscapes, past local ladies weaving bamboo baskets and kids who ran up to us to give us flowers.

Beautiful scenery on the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek - Myanamar - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

The last leg of the journey is a pick-up to Kalaw and for us it was in the back of a dusty old trailer. Strangely it was another highlight, seeing the country whizz by in an open-top, (slightly dangerous) truck

Transfer to Kalaw - in a truck! - Inle Lake to Kalaw - photo - Fabulous Travel Guide

How difficult is the trek?

The trek requires you to be fairly fit as there are a couple of steep uphill climbs but, the majority of time, it’s moderate-to-easy hiking.

However, Nyi Nyi is a pretty fast walker. He’s like a mountain goat, galloping up the paths without breaking a sweat! So if you prefer a slower pace, please let him know.

How to book

When you arrive in Kalaw or Inle Lake, please call Nyi Nyi on his mobile to organise a tour:

Moble: 09428315035

He does have an email address but with limited wifi in Myanmar, it’s much easier to call! Nyinyi.inlay@gmail.com

Looking for more treks? Be sure to visit Hsipaw in northern Myanmar.

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