For the most part, yes! Myanmar is very safe for female travellers.

Myanmar is emerging as the go-to tourist destination for 2016, after years of military rule, and it’s obvious that this influx of Western tourists is welcomed.

Women are more likely to be helped then harassed, and all the Burmese men we met on our travels were gentle, kind and heaps of fun.

Locals seem happy to help and offer advice when asked. And, surprisingly, we didn’t get scammed or overcharged for anything. It’s likely that the usual scams, apparent in the rest of South East Asia, just hasn’t occurred to locals… yet!

However, like with any other city, be on your guard. Don’t take valuables out at night or wander down alleyways on your own. Always agree prices before hopping in a taxi and if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut instinct and leave.

Before we sign off, there is ONE thing to be careful of: the roads! Drivers can be as young as 16, going 140km an hour and overtaking on blind bends. Avoid share taxis and stick to buses where possible.

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