Inle lake is a serene expanse of floating gardens, stilted houses and crumbling stupas – and it’s one of the highlights of Myanmar!

Want to see it at its best? We’d recommend braving the cold and getting up at the crack of dawn.

Early morning mist blots out the climbing sun, leaving a rippling reflection of clouds and sunlight. You can see the mountains fading into the background and the only sounds are of the motor.

Fisherman head out at dawn, casting their nets far and wide, using their feet to steer the boat as they do so.

Fisherman on Inle Lake,Myanmar- photo - Fabulous Travel Guide

Booking a tour

Day tours can easily be arranged from your hotel, local travel agents or at the port itself.

We recommend organising a tailormade tour which enables you to choose exactly where you want to visit.

Prices range from 25,000kyat to 40,000 per day for one boat (seats 5).

Entrance fees 10 USD lasts for one week, payable at the booths on entry to Nyaungshwe.