Wondering what to wear in South East Asia and India? Female travellers often receive unwelcome attention, particularly in India, so it’s wise to cover up and soak up the sweat.

Here are some packing tips for girls heading to Central and South America, Asia, South Africa and India.

Visiting religious sites

If you are visiting temples and mosques, cover your arms and legs. If you don’t have long-sleeved tops, use your sarong as a make-shift shawl. It is important that you respectful of traditions and local customs, or you ma be refused entry.

A friend bought me a pair of cotton, lightweight trousers from Uniqlo and I wore those every time I visited a religious site or big city. They were my go-to ‘temple trousers’!

On public transport

It’s also worth following the same rules for overnight bus/train rides. Cover up and choose breathable, lightweight clothes.

In big cities/remote areas

Visiting a big city? Bring one smart dress or top that you can wear out, plus shoes. I wanted to visit a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh and was refused entry for wearing flip flops!

It’s also worth covering up when walking around cities and  remote areas. Save your strappy tops and tiny shorts for the beach. The idea is to blend in as much as possible.

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