Wondering if you can get reliable internet connection in Myanmar? The short answer is no.

Wifi is pretty much non-existent in tea shops and restaurants but the larger hotels offer wifi, albeit slow and intermittent.

Buy a SIM card with data

Your best bet is to buy a Telenor SIM card for your smartphone (approx 3,000 kyat) which gives you calling minutes, texts and 3G connection.

You can top this up from lots of street stores (just look out for then Telenor or Mobile signs).

One of the best reasons for getting a SIM card is to book hotels over the phone. Most places don’t have websites or emails and, often, Agoda and Booking.com charge way more than if you arrive in person!

So look up the phone number and call ahead during peak season (such as Christmas, New Year and Independence Day).

We expect that over the next year or so, internet access will improve tenfold. Fingers crossed it gets better!