Hsipaw (pronounced ‘see-paw’) is a popular trekking spot in northern Myanmar. The laid-back town, nestled into the highlands, is surrounded by Shan villages, waterfalls and lush rice paddies, making it a scenic spot for hikers.

Treks range from easy half-day walks to difficult 3-day hikes up Tea Mountain and through Palaung minority village. Read our guide to booking trekking in Hsipaw:

Trekking in Hsipaw - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Day hikes

There are some great walks in and around Hsipaw that you can do without a guide. Our favourite was to a nearby waterfall, which passed through Shan villages, rice paddies and papaya plantations. Ask your hotel for the hand-drawn map below. It’s quite difficult to find!

Hsipaw Map of waterfall trek and hot springs - Myanmar - Fabulous Travel Guide

Overnight trekking

One of the most popular treks is to a Palaung village called Pan Kam, which can be visited in a day but is usually done as an overnight trip.

The 4–5 hour walk starts at a Muslim cemetery on the western edge of Hsipaw and continues through the villages of Nar Loy, Par Pheit, Nar Moon and Man Pyit, before reaching Pan kam where you can stay overnight.

3-day trek

The ‘Trails of Hsipaw- Kyauk Me’ is a good option for more experienced trekkers. There are several routes to choose from that takes you through Palaung villages, dense forest and spectacular mountain range. There’s even one that ends up at the Goktaik Viaduct, where you can take the train home.

How to book trekking in Hsipaw

There aren’t many tourist offices in Hsipaw, so you’re best bet is to go to Mr Charles Hotel (also a good place to stay) and book directly with them.

Prices start from 10,000 kyat (half-day walk) to 80,000 kyat (2 nights, 3 days).

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