Looking for the best place to stay in Bagan, Myanmar?

We checked out Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan to see which was most best area for backpackers on a budget.

While all three have their perks, we recommend Nyaung U for its cheap(ish) accommodation and overall backpacker vibe.

It has a great strip of restaurants, a bustling market and lots of guest houses dotted all over town.

Nyaung, Bagan, Myanmar- photo - Fabulous Travel Guide

It’s also closest to the bus station which is handy when you arrive at 4am! Taxis cost around 4,000 kyat so try and jump in with a couple of other travellers to spread the cost.

While Nyaung U has the cheapest accommodation, it’s still expensive compared to the rest of Asia. The cheapest double we could find cost 30USD per night, inclusive of breakfast. It’s certainly worth shopping around here as lots of the cheaper options weren’t great.

Old Bagan is the most expensive area to stay, with built up riverside resorts amid all the temples.

New Bagan had a similar vibe to Nyaung U but is the furthest away and slightly quieter. We enjoyed a cheap lunch at Shwe Ou Food Garden.

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