Looking for the best places to visit in Negros, Philippines? Sugar Beach has to be top of your list.

The name pretty much sums it up: sugary-soft sand that dissolves into a deep blue sea. Palm trees congregate on the shoreline, concealing a handful of hotels and beach shacks.

But they’re not the usual high-end resorts. Bungalows are made of bamboo and have lovely thatched roofs. The outdoor restaurants are breezy and beautifully made, with coconut shells lining sandy paths.

Nipa huts are the draw card for backpackers with prices at Big Bamboo Beach Resort starting at just 500 pesos per night. The more luxurious bungalows with ensuites cost 1000 pesos.

Nipa huts, Big Bamboo Beach Resort - PHOT 0 Fabulous Travel Guide

But what we love most (aside from the ridiculously good price) is the atmosphere. It’s super chilled here. The order of the day is swimming in the ocean, lying in the shade, drinking cold beers and watching incredible sunsets every night.

There really isn’t anywhere better in the world to relax.

Sunset on Sugar Beach, Negros - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Where to eat

Die Dieng and Opong’s cafe, (south end of the beach next to jungle creek) is the place to be for cheap seafood that Die Dieng catches himself. They also have the cheapest beer and rum in the area.

Driftwood does a mean Italian, with homemade pizza dough and authentic spaghetti carbonara.

Looking for something a bit special? Takatuka Resort is a feast on the eyes! It has incredible decor that will leave you permanently distracted. If you don’t end up eating there (which you should) please have a wander inside anyway. You won’t regret it!