Wondering what clothes to pack for Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the rest of South East Asia? Use this handy packing checklist and read our top tips!

Beachwear + warm climates

– 2 t-shirts
– 1 long-sleeved cotton top
– 2 strappy tops
– 2 dresses (one smart, one casual)
– cotton trousers
– 2 bikinis
– sarong (doubles as beach towel, and blanket)
– 2 pairs of shorts (denim and cotton)

Trekking + colder climates

– Hoodie/jumper
– Jeans (useful in cooler areas)
– Trainers/hiking shoes
– Haviana flip-flops (the comfiest of all flip-flops)
– poncho
– 4 pairs socks (thick and lightweight)
– Wind breaker/rain coat (although you can probably buy there).

What to pack for South East Asia - Packing checklist for girls - Fabulous Travel Guide

Packing tips:

– Lay everything out on the floor and ensure each item is versalite. Can it be worn with other items? Is it practical?

– Consider whether you REALLY need each piece. If in doubt, take it out!

– Accept that white clothes won’t stay white. So don’t take anything you’ll be sad about ruining.

– Avoid delicate fabrics and choose items that wash well.

– Take one nice necklace to dress up an outfit.

Remember: you can buy everything in Asia half the price so don’t worry if you don’t have room for a winter jacket.

We picked up a great North Face jackets from Hanoi which cost 400,000 VDN (approx $20 USD).

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