How much money do you REALLY need for a month in Vietnam? We travelled for 4 weeks in Vietnam in December 2015 and found it super cheap.

Dorms range from 110,000-200,000 VDN ($5-9 USD/ £4-6/ $8-11 AUD); privates from 220,000-400,000 VDN ($10/ £7/ $13). Both options include breakfast, free wifi and decent bathrooms. It’s often better to book direct with the hostel that through Hostelworld or

If you’re savvy with your money, you can eat street food for as little as $0.70 for a Pho Bo. If you’d rather stick to restaurant food, you can expect to pay $3-6 USD for a main.

Now for the good news: Beer is ridiculously cheap! In Hoi An the local ‘fresh beer’ was $5000 VDN, the equivalent of $0.25! Mixed drinks, cocktails and wine usually cost more, ranging from 80,000 VDN ($4) to 110,000 ($5/£4/$8).

Daily breakdown of costs p/p

Calculated from Vietnamese Dong into US dollars, British Pound and Australian Dollars.

– Food – 150,000 VDN ($8 USD/ £5.50 / $10.50 AUD)

– 2 large beers – 50,000 VDN ($3 USD/ £2 / $4 AUD)

– 2 large water – 12,000 VDN ($0.70 USD/ £0.50/ $0.92 AUD)

– Accommodation (dorm or cheap private between two): $110,000 VDN ($5 USD/ £3.50/ $6.50 AUD)

TOTAL PER DAY: 332,000 VDN ($15 USD/ £10/ $20 AUD)

Weekly cost

Calculated from daily breakdown above:

$105 USD/ £70/ $140 AUD

Monthly cost (excluding tours)

So, the all important figure. How much do you need for 1 month in Vietnam? Food, drinks and accommodation will set you back (drum roll please….):

$507 USD/ £338/ $676 AUD

That’s cheaper than being at home!

Disclaimer: this is only intended as a rough guide! If you’re a big drinker (or a girl who likes her G&Ts) then you will pay much more! Exchange rates are correct at time of writing (January 2016). Tours and travel expenses have not been included.

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