Munnar is a welcome respite from the hot, humid cities of southern India.

At 1,600m above sea level, the scenery is spectacular: looming mountains, lush-green tea plantations and clean, fresh air.

Tiny figures dot the horizon and you can hear the snip-snip of shears as locals get to work across the valley.

For a day tour of Munnar’s tea plantations and nearby attractions, including the Tea Museum, call Velu on 09447848380. His English is excellent and he’ll take you to all his favourite spots, including Topstation Viewpoint and Echo Point.

Women working in the tea plantations in Munnar - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Trekking in Munnar

Munnar’s location up in the mountains means travellers can enjoy epic hikes through the Western Ghats. Some hostels offer guided trekking, but it is possible to do a self-guided walk.

We started at Zina Cottage (highly recommended!) and worked our way up through the tea plantations until we reached the mountain range. From there we followed the paths up to the highest peak for breathtaking views of the countryside.

Trekking in Munnar - Western Ghats - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

How to get to Munnar

Munnar is 6 hours from Alleppey (in the south); 4 hours east of Kochi. Buses run regularly all day and cost approx 200 rupees per person.

Please note, the air-conditioned bus from Alleppey is usually booked out, which means you might not get a seat. We stood for the entire 6 hours! If that happens, jump off and catch a local bus instead. It’s just as comfy, much cheaper and you’ll have a seat. Phew.