Want to travel but have no money? Got a boyfriend who isn’t keen on travelling? Worried about flying solo? Here are 8 common reasons that girls don’t travel – and advice on how to overcome them!

“I have no money”

This is the biggest reason people don’t travel! But with some careful planning you can travel with next to no money. Consider teaching English abroad or working at a hostel in exchange for free accommodation. Sign up to Couch Surfing or Wwoofing which enables travellers to volunteer on organic farms around the world in exchange for food and accommodation.

“I don’t wan’t to jeopardise my career”

This is another deal breaker. Many women feel that if they leave their job, they’ll jeopardise their chances of a promotion. But consider this: you will be working until you’re at least 65 years old. That’s an enormous amount of time to focus on your career.

Worried about the gap on your CV? Consider volunteering oversees, starting a travel blog or teaching English abroad. Wherever your travels take you, you will be presented with countless opportunities. Just ensure you cover the gap on your CV and stay in touch with your contacts.

“I just bought a house”

Congrats! That means you have invested money in your future. All the more reason to travel! Ask a friend to house-sit, do a house swap or put it up on Air BnB. As long as you have tenants and/or a means of paying your mortgage, it’s perfectly reasonable of you to go travelling.

“Student loans is taking up all my savings”

Remember, you only have to pay off your Student Loan while you’re working. If you quit your job to travel, fill out the income assessment forms and they won’t bother you again until you start work.


“I have a boyfriend and he doesn’t want to travel”

This is a tricky one but you must trust your gut instinct. If you really want to travel (as you should!) then you have to make it happen.

1. Ask him to join you

Give him first refusal and say ‘Id love you to come but if you can’t, I understand’. Suggest meeting in the middle every couple of months or invite him to join you in Thailand for a week’s holiday.

2. Take a break

This is the difficult one. If he isn’t keen to join you, perhaps leave as friends and pick up when you get home. Speaking from experience, it’s easier travelling single!

And remember: you are only young once. If you don’t take the opportunity to travel, you will live to regret it.

“I don’t have time to travel”

Yes you do! You may not be able to go on a round-the-world trip but you CAN make the most of your own country. Make a note of all the public holidays in the year and plan around those.

Do the tourist attractions in your nearest city, but cheap train tickets to somewhere you’ve never been before, climb the nearest hill or mountain.

“I don’t want to stay in hostels”

No problem. There are many other places to stay that don’t cost a fortune such as homestays, guesthouses and cheap hotels. Perhaps consider CouchSurfing or Air BnB? Having said that, hostels these days are pretty nice!

“I don’t have any friends to travel with”

Travelling solo is one of the best ways to make new friends! Read our tips on making friends in foreign countries or start making friends now by joining a travel community or tour.