Looking for an easy 2-day trek from Pokhara? This overnight mini trek takes in the beautiful Annapurna Himalayan Mountain Range.

Day 1 will see you hike up to Australian Camp, a steep climb with views over the Himalayas, while Day 2 winds back down the mountain and through Dhampus Village until finally reaching Phedi.

Day 1: Walk to Australian Camp

There are two options here, spending on how much walking you want to do. Either way, start early!

Option 1: Get a taxi to Sanangkot (800 rupees) and asked to be dropped at sunrise point where you can walk to Kandi via Naudanda. This takes approx 3 hours.

Option 2: Get a taxi or local bus all the way to Kandi and start the trek from there.

Which is better? We did option 1 which was nice but you’re walking along the road most of the time which is quite noisy and dusty. The views are okay but nothing to write home about.

The ascent to Australian Camp

The fun really starts when you assend up a steep, rocky path to Australian Camp, which is perched 2,000m above sea level. (Ask for directions when you reach Kandi and locals will point you in the right direction.)

It takes about 45 minutes (longer if you’re carrying a large backpack) to reach the peak and the views just keep getting better.

Watching the sunset over Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide


Suddenly, out of nowhere you’ll see them: the majestic snow-capped mountains of the Annapurna Himalayan Mountain Range. What a sight for sore eyes (and feet)!

Australia Camp has front row seats with most rooms facing out onto the mountains. Ensuite rooms with a view cost from 500 rupees.

Day 2: Walk to Phedi via Dhampus Village

Wake up at 5.30 for sunrise and watch as the mountains emerge from the darkness in all their glory.

Trek to Dhampus Village, a beautiful 2-hour journey that’s takes you down through rocky paths and lush-green fields.

Views from Dhampus Village, Nepal - Treks from Pokahra - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

View from Dhampus Holiday Home

Stop for breakfast at Dhampus Holiday Home which has unparalleled views of Annapurna (pictured). You can also stay overnight here if you have time. There’s not much in Dhampus BUT if all you want to do is gaze at the mountains, this is the place for you. Quaint little ensuite rooms cost 600 rupees.

Continue on to Phedi (look out for the red and white arrows), a steep downhill climb that takes about 1 hour. If at any point you become unusre of the way, simply ask passersby.

Once you’re safely down the mountain, take a local bus (100 rupees) or direct taxi (600 rupees) to Pokhara.

Hot shower and REST!

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