Looking for the quickest and safest way to get to Delhi Airport? Get the super-fast Airport Express Metro Line and stay safe on your travels in India.

Airport Express Line

To get to the Airport Express Metro Line you’ll need to jump on the metro to New Delhi station and follow the signs.

Buy a token (50/60 rupees) or use your metro card which costs the same. Super cheap! Especially when you compare it to taxi and rickshaw prices – well in excess of 1,000 rupees!

The Airport Express train is surprisingly clean, modern and quiet – a stark contrast to the rest of India’s train system!

Airport Express Line - Best way to get to Delhi Airport - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Delhi Aerocity connects direct to Terminal 3 (international) in just 30 minutes.

Or you can transfer to Terminal 1 (domestic) via bus, which costs an additional 30 rupees.

TOP TIP: Ensure you have your boarding pass printed out or available online to show security guards before entering.

Pre-paid taxis

Don’t feel confident navigating the metro system? User Meru pre-paid cabs to get to and from the airport. You can ask your hostel to book it for you or, if arriving in Delhi, go to their pre-paid counter at the airport. It cost around 600-800 rupees.

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