Looking for unusual things to do in Berlin? Don’t miss the underground bunker tours courtesy of the Berlin Underworlds Association.

Explore the devastated ruins of a WW2 fortress (Tour 2) or take a tour of the gasometer bunker in the Fichtestrasse, (Tour F). And if you’re interested in post-WW2 Germany, get ready to explore the subways and bunkers that were built in anticipation of a nuclear war.

Dark Worlds tour - Underground bunker tours, Berlin -PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Credit: Holger Happel

Which is the best tour?

We highly recommend the Dark World tour. Expert guides will lead you through the twisting passages and rooms in one of the few remaining bunkers, as it was left after the war.

Here you will learn about the air-raids that destroyed up to 80% of the city’s centre, see countless artefacts and weapons and learn how civillians lived, and died, during this turbulent time.

Berlin's underground bunkers - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Credit Holger Happel

We were lucky enough to have Stephanie Ramsay, a Canadian tour guide with an undeniable passion for German history. She shared interesting facts about Hilter’s bunkers, revealed secrets about his illnesses and medication (cocaine injected into the eyeball anyone?) and shared some harrowing stories of slave labour.

Highlight: Look out for the glow-in-the-dark paint that lights up the bunkers when electricity goes out. It still works today, 70 years on!

Expert guides lead you through underground bunkers - Berlin -PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Credit: Stefan Gler

How to book

There are no pre-booked tickets available so just turn up on the day and visit the ticketing office at Gesundbrunnen Underground Station 30 minutes before the tour is due to start.

Visit the  Berlin Underworlds Association website website to view the events calendar. Please note, Tour F, has a different ticket station located in Kreuzberg.

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