I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect backpack ever since my first round-the-world trip in 2011. And I’ve finally found one that’s specifially designed for petite women: Osprey Women’s Aura 50 AG backpack.

This little gem boasts a lightweight frame, ventilation and three different sizes (XS, S, M) which is perfect for women.

The problem with most backpacks

Most backpacks are heavy, even when they’re empty. Add your 12kg of luggage and they’re near impossible to swing on your back.

If you’re petite, or someone with back/shoulder problems, this is something to be wary of. Look for the lightest backpacks in the market ranging from 40-50L – and nothing heavier.

Most will have adjustable straps so make sure you play around with it to get the best fit. If in doubt, get it professionally fitted. This will make the world of difference when lugging 15kg on your back!

The reason I love the Osprey Women’s Aura AG Backpack

It’s REALLY light. And unlike most backpacks, there’s a panel of lightweight mesh that extends from the top of the back panel to the hip belt (pictured below). Not only does this provide ventilation, it contours perfectly to the body, providing an outstanding fit.

Osprey women's Aura 50L - Best backpack for petite women - PICTURE - Fabuloustravelguide

It also means the backpack isn’t sitting directly against your back, so there’s fantastic airflow, something you’ll appreciate in hot, humid weather in South East Asia!

Finally, the backpack comes in three sizes: XS, S, M so if you’re petite like me you can buy a backpack that actually fits your body! Hurrah! Watch this video demo from Backpacker Magazine:


And don’t forget to check out the full feature list and read the reviews on Amazon – they’re pretty damn good! It may seem like an expensive purchase but it’s well worth it in my opinion. Your backpack will be your best (or worst) friend while travelling, so make a good investment.

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