Planning to submit an article to Fabulous Travel Guide but not sure where to start? Here’s a list of suggested topics and guidelines to help you get started:

– Unique hotels/hostel reviews

And by unique we mean REALLY special. Perhaps it’s a converted train on the beach, a mountain-top yoga retreat in Guatemala or an eco-lodge in Borneo with the best balcony in the world. If you’ve stayed there and have great pics, write it up!

– List articles

7 reasons we love the Philippines, 9 weird things to do in Florida, 5 things I never knew about Berlin etc

These types of articles are almost guaranteed to be published! But please make sure they are unique and interesting. Everyone writes about the best things to do in each area. What makes yours different?

– Inspirational stories

We love these! Did you quit your job to travel the world? Fall in love with your hostel fling? Volunteer at an animal sanctuary or teach English in Cambodia? Whatever your story, we want to hear it!

– Money-saving tips

How can you save money in each county? What are your insider tips? Such as buying a weekly tube pass, doing a self-guided walking tour instead of hop-on-hop-off bus.

– Cost breakdowns of a recent trip

These are really useful for other travellers. Here’s one I did on Vietnam. It’s good to know how much things cost (hostels, beer, food, yours etc).

Feeling inspired? Submit a post!