Looking for the coolest place to go in Berlin? We’ve found it: an abandoned NSA spy station in Teufelsberg, West Berlin.

It used to be one the largest listening stations in the world, used for spying on Soviet-occupied East Berlin in the 60s. But now it lies abandoned, on top of man-made hill, covered in graffiti.

The coolest place in Berlin right now - NSA spy tower - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

But we don’t mean your standard street scribble. It’s seriously good graffiti. Every section of the tower is covered in murals and artwork: the walls, the stairwells, lift shafts, even the domed roof. Spaces are set aside for specified artists and large murals are routinely painted over and changed.

The coolest place to go in Berlin right now -NSA spy station in Teufelsberg, West Berlin - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

It’s so impressive it’s been dubbed ‘Europe’s Largest Street Art Gallery’. And we have to concur. This place is amazing.

NSA spy tower covered in graffiti - Coolest places to visit in Berlin - PICTURE - Fabulous TraveL Guide

Teufelsberg is open daily from 10am-9pm. Entrance costs 7 euros.

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