Dream of travelling? Tell yourself that one day you’ll book a round-the-world trip? Emily Pearson, one of our #travelsisters bloggers, knows only too well how easy it can be to kid yourself. Here, she reveals how she turned ‘one day’ into ‘right now’.

“While growing up, I was never overly passionate about travel. When I was about 11, I remember daydreaming about it when I used to buy an ‘around the world’ Where’s Wally magazine series – but that was about the extent of it. Travelling was always depicted as people who took off for years with no plan and nothing more than a backpack – and that just wasn’t me. I enjoyed the odd family/friends holiday but I never felt the urge to travel.

I was too much of a homebody. I never thought I would move away from the home town that I grew up in – that was until after I moved back home after uni and realised that I had grown tired of the place and needed to go somewhere else.

Why you shoudn't keep saying 'one day I'll travel' - DO IT NOW - Fabulous Travel Guide

I got offered a job at a boarding school an hour away from home and worked mornings, evenings and weekends, leaving me with spare time in the day. That was when I discovered a love of Wanted Down Under, a UK TV show about families moving to Australia or New Zealand.

I would watch it most days and slowly, fell in love with the idea of going there one day. But who would I go with?

Flying solo

That was when I realised that the reason that I wasn’t going on holiday wasn’t necessarily because I wasn’t fussed, but because I didn’t really have anyone to go with.

So I started looking into going solo. Even booking an appointment with a travel company to see how much it would all cost to go to Australia. Then, after realizing just how expensive it was, put it on the back shelf and looked into something a bit more affordable.

I kept looking at all of these tours and places that I could visit. My list was getting longer and I kept thinking to myself ‘one day’.

About 2 years ago, I was going through a bit of a wanderlust phase and kept thinking ‘one day’. I suddenly stopped and thought, when will ‘one day’ actually arrive? I realised I had no excuse not to go – I had some money saved, no real commitments, and working in a school meant I had an entire summer to fit in some travel. I then started seriously looking into going somewhere that summer and decided that ‘one day’ was going to be today and booked myself on a tour around Europe.

Emily Pearson in South Africa - Why you shouldn't keep saying 'one day' - PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

When the travel bug bites

That’s how it all began.

Shortly before starting my European tour, I was already feeling the urge to have somewhere else lined up and decided I wanted to go somewhere I always wanted to go back to – South Africa. I had the offer of free accommodation; all I had to do was buy the plane tickets.

Next thing I knew, I had 2 big trips booked and I am so glad that I decided to make ‘one day’ actually happen because since I decided to take the plunge, I have seen so many new and interesting places and had the most amazing experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. Travel has made me passionate about exploring and gaining confidence by pushing myself – something which has helped me in everyday life as well.

Obviously there are still things I am saying ‘one day’ to. Australia and New Zealand are two places that have been at the top of my list for a long time now and I’m still not quite sure when I’ll get there. However, now that I’ve started this journey, I’m now a lot closer to that ‘one day’ than I was a few years ago.”

Emily is a part-time traveller – working full-time in a school and taking full advantage of school holidays to explore more of the world. Extremely passionate about travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible, Emily spends a lot of her spare time (particularly during term-time) in full wanderlust mode – daydreaming about all the destinations still to tick off that bucket list.

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