Planning to spend a weekend in Berlin this summer? You’re in for a treat! There’s something about Berlin that makes you want to stay there forever.

1. Drinking on the street is allowed!

Yep, you can crack open a beer on the street, drink wine in the park and sip bevvies on the U-Bahn. Hurrah!

2. Graffiti, graffiti, graffiti

Ahh, the street art. You can’t get much better than Berlin for awesome graffiti. Our favourite spots an include East Side Gallery and an abandoned NSA spy station (pictured below).

NSA spy tower covered in graffiti - Coolest places to visit in Berlin - PICTURE - Fabulous TraveL Guide

3. It has a fascinating history

It was ruled by Nazis; bombed extensively during WWII and divided in two by The Berlin Wall. You can spend days, weeks, even months exploring underground bunkers, former prisons and abandoned spy stations.

4. Free table-tennis tables

A personal fave. Most parks have free table-tennis tables, so you can challenge your friends – or a group of locals – to a quick game.

5. Berliners are BEYOND generous

I’ve seen more generosity here than anywhere else. Last week an English guy did a street performance at Mauer Park. At the end of the show – which was extremely successful – he held out his hat and literally HUNDREDS of people gave him money. In fact, so many people gave him money that his hat was full to the brim with coins and notes.

6. Spatis

A backpacker’s best friend. These corner stores sell everything you could want. And shelves FULL of cheap booze. Just what you need if you’re on a budget.

7. Amazing cycle lanes!

The city is geared up for cyclists. The cycle lanes are on the pavement, rather than the road, so you feel much safer. Bike hire is pretty expensive (10 euros per day) but it’s absolutely worth it on a summer’s day!

7 reasons we love Berlin - our friends Teresa and Jan - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

8. Our friends Teresa and Jan

Everyone needs to say hello to these two legends if you ever see them! We met them in Myanmar backpacking and came to see them in Berlin. Then we got stuck here waiting for a visa to arrive. Guess what they did? GAVE US THEIR APARTMENT. Yep, these two are a sterling representation of Berlin: generous, quirky and beautiful inside and out. Thank you, guys. You have our hearts.

Things we don’t like about Berlin

We don’t live there.

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