Want to travel to Mexico but concerned about safety for female travellers? Our #travelsisters blogger Anneliese Gartner has found a hidden gem that might well change your mind!

“Off the coast of Mexico you’ll find a tiny island (only 4 miles long) that has become a destination hotspot for those looking for a cheap holiday, and time to relax. Welcome to Isla Mujeres!

Only 60 minutes from Cancun Airport (including shuttle and ferry) you’ll be on this paradise island in no time. The best part? Everything is relatively cheap (at least as an American). Note: This comparison is directly from my previous Caribbean vacations where I have paid $50 for a meal at a resort.

Of course I did have to explain to my friends and family exactly where I was going as they had never even heard of Isla Mujeres. But after some careful explanation (white-sand beaches, no big crowds and clear blue water) everyone agreed that this seemed like a great choice.

Turtles on Isla Mujera, Mexico - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Isla Mujeres hotspots

  • Drive to the south point of the island (don’t worry it’s pretty easy to find! There are only 2 roads main roads in Isla Mujeres). At the south point there is a beautiful walkway that takes you to the edge of the ocean. You’ll feel like you’re walking on water!
  • Visit a local restaurant. I highly suggest Qubano for lunch, and Bastos for dinner.
  • Explore the island by golf cart. They are easy to rent for the day, 24 hours, or even your whole stay.
  • Stop by the Turtle Farm. Turtles are in various tanks depending on their age and then eventually released back into the ocean. A great place to visit for a great cause!
  • • Shop ’til you drop! Of course you’ll see the typical souvenirs but there are also some unique souvenirs, like those made at the Women’s Beading Cooperative. These women create jewellery, belts, and purses made entirely out of beads. They dedicate the majority of their days at the centre as they are trying to rebuild their lives. The proceeds go right to the creator’s pocket.
  • Drink out of a fresh coconut and then eat it: you’ll never want to drink processed coconut water from a can again!

Tip: The locals are super nice! They will approach you on the beach and try to sell you local souvenirs. Take a look! There isn’t much of a price difference between the beach vs. inside a store. Lastly, haggle…you’ll pay less if you negotiate.

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