Looking for the cheapest way to travel around England? It can be pretty expensive to travel between major cities so heed the advice of a local and get insider tips on getting bus tickets, train fares and share cars.

Here are our top tips for backpacking around England on the cheap:

1. Travel by coach

If you have plenty of time, the cheapest way to travel is by Megabus or National Express coach. Before you book, it’s worth jumping on price comparison website Gopili.co.uk to get the best deal. London to Manchester costs just £5 with Megabus but takes up to 6 hours. Virgin Trains does the same journey in 2 hours but costs £81.

2. Book advance train fares

Short on time? Book train tickets as far ahead as possible to ensure you get the cheapest train fare. Our favourite site for cheap tickets is The Train Line. Booked in advance, a single ticket from London to Manchester costs £22. That’s a whopping saving of £60!

3. Get a railcard

Planning to spend the summer in England? If you’re under 24 and travelling solo, consider getting a Young Persons Railcard (£30). This saves you a third on all train fares and is valid for 12 months.

Travelling with a friend? The Two Together railcard (£30) offers the same deal (1/3 off full fares), which is a great option for those of us who like to make last-minute plans.

4. BlaBla Car

If you’re not a fan of public transport, then BlaBlaCar is another popular choice. London to Manchester costs £15 and takes 5 hours. Girls, please take extra care here, particularly if travelling alone. Check the driver’s rating and remember that you are placing your safety in the hands of a complete stranger so trust your instincts!

5. Get the tube to/ from London Airport

Flying into Heathrow Airport? Avoid the express train service to Paddington (£22) and instead get Piccadilly line to central London (£6). So much cheaper and it takes you directly into the centre of London. Easy.

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