VIDEO: Airport workout: burn calories while you wait!

Flight delayed? Stuck at the airport? There’s nothing worse than sitting around for hours on end with nothing to do. So we’ve found an adrenaline-fuelled workout that will burn calories and boost morale.

No more slumping in your chair, mindlessly refreshing Instagram. No more drinking endless cups of coffee trying to stay awake.

This exercise routine, created by fitness guru Jacqueline Renee, is a sure-fire way to boost energy levels and get your heart pumping.

Yes, you might get a few strange looks. And you might have to bag an entire row of seats so you don’t knock over the elderly lady sitting next to you. But aside from that, what’s not to love?

Watch the video for an adrenaline-fuelled workout that incorporates squats, press-ups, burpees, star jumps and more. Bikini-ready body, here we come!

Big thanks to Jacqueline Renee for sharing this with us! Check out her Facebook page for more fitness tips.

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