This month is all about love on the road so we asked our #travelsisters community to share their experiences! Here, Jenn Malka explains how a fateful chain of events resulted in a whirlwind romance that stood the test of time. Be warned: this is SUPER cute.

“I am from America and Jack is from Australia. We met while I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia. I was really thrown off when I first met him – I actually thought he was gay. Not only did the Aussie fashion throw me off, but he rocked up with his handsome roommate (whom I didn’t know at the time) with the short shorts, a singlet that showed off his pectorals and side swept bangs that even I longed for. So I obviously thought he came with his partner.

They were a good looking couple, or “couple” since they weren’t actually dating. Too bad for me, I knew I had no shot. Until he hit on me in a kind Australian manner at a friend’s party! We got chatting and later found out we shared a marketing class, so I bought the (expensive) marketing book and left him a note saying “I bought the book, so if you ever want to study let me know. I live 2 floors above you and here is my number.” This girl got game, hey?

Jenn and Jack's college romance - PICTURE - Travel Love stories - Fabulous Travel Guide

Well we hooked up, had our fun, never thinking anything of it. An American chick and an Aussie dude in college and early 20’s – it was unrealistic to think it would go further than this one semester. But there was an obvious spark and after I had left, we spoke on Whatsapp/Skype every single day. Everyday without the intentions of ever seeing each other. It was just a good thing.

A few weeks after we were separated, he told me he applied to a ton of schools to go on his abroad. Canada, Virginia, Florida, California, only to find out he got into one school. One school in LA. ONE. He got into LMU, the same school I went to. Oh wow, I think the right term is SHIT JUST GOT REAL..

So he moved to LA for 6 months to study abroad. We travelled, went to music festivals, we tried new foods. It was all really magical. It was like or stars aligned and we were supposed to meet again but we had to face it that he was leaving back to Australia soon. When will I ever see him again?

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I kept thinking that starting work after graduation was not my time, not my purpose so I wanted to go somewhere else and get international experience (aka work and travel). I applied to London, Sydney, Melbourne, and plenty of other entertainment industries in English-speaking countries. And of course, the only one I heard back from was Melbourne, where he was from. Not just one interview either, but 4. Is this just meant to be? Is this fate?

So naturally, I moved to Australia, interviewed, got a job in the entertainment industry and we had a whole year and a half together. Probably a whole year and a half more we ever thought! We met traveling, had similar music preferences, loved to meet new people, pushed for discovery. We just clicked. We went to tons of music festivals and concerts, and travelled all over Australia together.

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Since, we have done long distance for several months, he has lived in Hong Kong while I was in America, we backpacked Southeast Asia (and he STILL loves me despite having food poisoning, sandfly bites that looked like a disease, stitches that marked a big X in the middle of my face, and countless colds and stuffy noses), travelled to Europe and I finally reeled him in to living in LA for good.

All up, we have been together for 5.5 years so far and I never regretted flirting with that gay guy.”

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