Thinking of heading to Burning Man festival in Nevada? Our #travelsisters contributor Julianne Bonasera articulates the experience in a way that many ‘burners’ simply cannot. Most return from the festival tight-lipped, struggling to find the words to do it justice. But, somehow, Julianne finds a way…

Burning Man is more than just another festival like I had previously thought. It is much, MUCH more than that. Some may come for the drugs, true, others may come for the free love, but the wise ones, well, they come for the complete and utter destruction of limitations and take advantage of this opportunity to dive deeper into themselves in a way never before possible.

Imagine a place where anything you have ever wanted to do was not only OK, but totally encouraged! Imagine a place where no money existed and you are totally at the mercy of the kindness of strangers. And when in need, those strangers give plentifully and happily with a genuine smile on their face.

Imagine a world where your body is perfect just as it is and is celebrated in its most natural form with no judgement and no shame. Imagine the type of freedom that you can only fantasize about through a Jack Kerouac novel suddenly becoming available to you, inviting you in, and giving you the tools to live out your wildest dreams.

Burning Man festival in Nevada - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel Guide

Imagine a place where people are happy… just because they are happy! Just imagine! This experience has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I had thought that I have seen it all – but I was wrong. I have seen and experienced much externally – travel, restaurants, parties, etc. But I am just discovering the tip of the iceberg to my internal world.

The sky is truly the limit, and most of us put the ceiling of limitations about 2 feet above our heads. Break that ceiling down! Once you have tasted such freedom you will never be able to settle for anything less. It’s the type of freedom that makes you hungry for more, makes your soul come alive, and makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Burning Man - Nevada - Pictures - Fabulous Travel Guide

Burning Man literally burns you down to your core, discarding any previous limitations you had on yourself, pushing you to your limits both physically and emotionally, and throws you into a world where you are the ultimate creator.

It is not for the weak, but for the ones willing to fully experience all life has to offer. All that freedom can be terrifying! But give it time, you will get used to it, you will love it, and it will become your new home. I have never been more dehydrated, sleep deprived, dirtier (and I mean like covered in dust 24/7), hungrier, or sun burnt in my entire life. Yet in the same breath I have never felt freer, more alive, more liberated, SEXIER, more playful, more adventurous, more curious and more in love with this crazy thing we call life.

Burning Man festival - the crowds go wild - PICTURE - Fabulous Travel guide

I recommend all of you to break yourself down as soon as possible. Break down your box that this world has put you in. Break down your own limitations that you have set on yourself for whatever reason, break down your ego, break down you who thought you were – because who you will become when you get rid of all the bullshit is the most beautiful person you will ever meet.

You are magnificent, you are amazing, you are courageous, you are the most gorgeous thing that has ever existed! Your true essence has been waiting for you! Don’t shy away. Play big! Play hard! No need to be scared of these unchartered territories – the Universe has got your back! WELCOME HOME! Now go play my friends…

Big thanks to Julianne for articulating what many ‘burners’ can simply not put into words! I know where I’ll be next year… 

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