Boracay may be enjoying a surge in popularity but airport taxes and unexpected terminal fees are spoiling it for budget backpackers.

Buying a ferry ticket to Boracay which only costs 25 pesos, incurs a terminal fee of 100 pesos per person and an Environmental & Admission Fee of 75 pesos.

During an island-hopping boat trip with Shingley Tours – which cost 800 pesos – we had to pay additional costs at every turn. Magic Island incurred an entrance fee of 150 pesos and Crystal Cove incurred a fee of 200 pesos per person.

To make matters worse, the organisers demanded another 20 pesos ‘environmental fee’ for snorkelling, which we thought we paid at the ferry terminal.

On leaving Boracay, you’ll be required to pay another terminal fee of 100 pesos, just to walk to the boat.

Kalibo Airport, Boracay - Beware of terminal fees - Tips for backpackers -PHOTO - Fabulous Travel Guide

Kalibo Airport – is this worthy of a terminal fee?

Kalibo airport (pictured) also charges a terminal fee of 200 pesos per person. For what, you might ask. Hmmm, let me see, plastic chairs, a pot-noodle stand and delayed flights.

So, if you’re travelling on a shoestring, you may want to factor in these hidden costs. Or just skip Boracay all together. There are far more beautiful places, like El Nido or Sugar Beach, that aren’t trying to rip you off.